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About Us

The Current Print Shop was born out of a desire to share the beauty we have encountered on our journeys through our retreat company, Nordic Retreats.

Uniting female photographers for surf, yoga and photography workshops - meeting in bucket-list worthy locations around the world. Born out of the dream to connect like-minded women to create, collaborate, and inspire each other.

We have always found solace and insight in our travels and from those who have graced our lives. The people, the culture, the sounds and sights fill our hearts and minds, becoming a part of our pulse.

Documenting dreams that have become our reality.

Collectively, we have seen the world through our lenses and The Current Print Shop allows us to bring that view to you. 

A Different Direction

Driven by a desire to share the beauty we've encountered and the stories captured through the images of those who have shared our journey or come along for the ride, we embark on this journey. Travel has always been a source of solace and insight, a wellspring of experiences woven with the people, cultures, and sounds that resonate within us, becoming a part of our pulse. Through our lenses, we've seen the world, chased sunsets, and marveled at their ever-changing colors. We are grateful for the countless souls who have graced our lives on this path.

Documenting the dreams that have become our reality...

Every form of communication holds its own power. For us, photography serves as our voice, a tool to tell our own stories and capture the narratives of those we encounter. We translate inspiration into visual poetry.

The gallery is a collective representation of ideas and emotions, landscapes near and far, fleeting moments and perspectives otherwise unseen.

Undirected imagery with depths of deeper meaning.

We invite you to find a piece of art that resonates, reflects or adds interest to your sacred space.

Thank you for being here.

Love and light

- Rebecca and Lindsey

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